Bob Drury - Past Performances

Recent concert programmes have included 'A Summer Guitar Concert' (2023), 'The Guitar Salon - A Golden Age' 2022, 'Tunes and Tales' (original compositions) 2017 'Guitarra Romantica' 2016 (album launch) and 'Music From The Guitar Salon - A Golden Age', a celebration of 19th and early 20th century guitar masters. In the summer of 2024 Bob is planning a more extended solo tour of Kent venues with 'A Summer Guitar Concert 2024' which will feature popular repertoire from Spain & south America...

A Summer Guitar Concert' 2023

Promo video for 'A Summer Guitar Concert 2023. Bob played a series of six concerts in Kent venues with a programme including J S Bach, Gaspar Sanz, Bartolome Calatayud, Leo Brouwer, Jose Merlin, Julio Segreras, João Pernambuco, Jose Ferrer, Francisco Tarrega, Mauro Giuliani, Erik Satie, Andrew York, Lennon/McCartney and Bob Drury

'Music from the Guitar Salon' 2022

Promo Video for Bob's recital 'Music from the Guitar Salon', a look at the so called 'Golden Age' of the classical guitar which featured music from Ferdinando Carulli 1770-1841, Fernando Sor 1778-1839, Matteo Carcassi 1796-1853, Mauro Giuliani 1781-1829, José Brocá 1805-1882, Jaime Bosch 1825-1895, José Ferrer (student of Brocá) 1835-1916, Francisco Tárrega 1852-1909 and Miguel Llobet (student of Tárrega) 1878-1938

Guitarra Romantica Tour 2017

Promo video for a small theatre tour in 2017. The tour coincided with the release of the CD 'Guitar Romantica' which is available to by in hard copy via the on-site store.